TS Employees Advance Income Tax 2021-22 Online Calculator for Teachers & Employees 

I). At the Last, Enter DA Arrears CPS Employees Only.
2). GPF Employees Enter Monthly GPF Amount, CPS Employees Enter 0.2).
3). At the Last Line Select the "Method" other wise software may not work.
Enter few details of Employees Then Hit Calculate Button
Basic Pay as on 01-June,2021
Basic Pay as on 01-May-2021:
Present HRA:
TS Increment:
Increment Month:
Pension Type (If GPF/PPF, Enter Monthly Amount):
Total Savings ( LIC, PLI, Fees, SSY, FD ) Max: 1.5Lacs:
Total Deductions on Savings( Home, Edu Loan intrests, Medicle, PHC ) Max: 2 Lacs:
Others Earnings Monthly ( HM / SA / PHC / CCA):
Surrender of Earned Leaves
AAS (6/12/18/24 Yrs Scale)
DA Arrears ( 4 Installments-CPS Emp ):
Method ( Old regime/New ):

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